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Design, Interior & Applied Arts

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There is an increasing awareness of the ways in which spaces affect our lives. Our BA Design, Interior and Applied Arts Degreewith Honours in Londonis an innovative and broad, practice-based course will equip you with the range of skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake the design of both interior space and its contents, both moveable and fixed. The BA Design, Interior and Applied Arts Degreeis centred on developing a personal process that enables you to identify, develop and express creative concepts for a range of situations including interior spaces, furniture, lighting etc. and a range of domestic ware, as well as more personal, concept-based propositions. You will work across ideas, materials and techniques (2D, 3D and time-based), examining real situations and the needs that arise. You will be encouraged to generate, develop and communicate proposals for imaginative design solutions. By integrating the development of personal practice with a team working approach, this course will help you prepare for careers in a sector where breadth, flexibility and interpersonal and collaborative skills are valued as highly as creativity. At the end of your degree you will exhibit your work at the Middlesex University Art and Design Degree Show. The show is a celebration of the end of your studies and the start of your creative career, it's a great opportunity to show off your talents to friends, family and creative industry employers.

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