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Graphic Design

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The BA Graphic Design Degree with Honoursat Middlesex University, Londonfocuses on the communication of ideas and information to develop the skills and knowledge essential for a successful career in the creative industry. Students study graphic design, advertising, magazine design, photography, typography, TV graphics and web design. Join our BA Graphic Design Degree with Honours and you'll be exploring one of the most creative, exciting and continuously expanding modern communication media sectors. Graphic design is everywhere from bands to brands, CDs to seed packets, fashion magazines to free sheets, T-shirts to tea bags, pop promos to pop-up books and web sites to building sites. Graphic designers create work which informs, persuades, entertains and sells through the organisation of image, type, materials and processes. Every day you are bombarded by thousands of graphic design images, messages and ideas, from the moment you open your cornflakes until the last TV ad or web site you see before you close your eyes to sleep.

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